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Custom Made Boots

Custom Boots are our Specialty!  Ordering your boots exactly as you want it is one of the most enjoyable things you can do.  This is one of the things what sets us apart from your local western wear store. Pick your leathers, colors, toe, heel, upper style, sole and heel finish, welt stitching - everything right down to the finest detail.  A truly unique pair of boots, just for you! 

We truly are Boot Experts, with decades of experience, and we'll help you design a boot exactly as you want it.  Give us a call at 1-800-771-4214 to speak with one of our custom boots experts.


If you see a boot that you like (on-line, in a store or on someone's feet), get us a picture and we'll go from there. Let your imagination go. There are too many options to set up each boot on it's own page. We can work with your hides or our's to get you the exact boot you want. Prices start at around $400 depending on leather and style you want.

NOTE:  We charge $25.00 for a quote, which will be used as a credit when you order the boots.

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  • Cowtown Boots Python Biker Boots w/ Harness

    Cowtown Boots

    Python Biker Boots w/ Harness

    MSRP: $429.95

    Cowtown Python Biker Boots are our favorite boots! For the last several years these boots have been very popular and stylish choice. This classic design using top quality skins and old world craftsmanship. Each boot is made from the finest leather and...