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Color Swatches

Here you will find the different colors available for your new cowboy boots. These are separated by leather type.

**Remember that these leathers are all natural and will have some slight differences in color and shade and dyes.  Some skins may have naturally occurring defects like scratches, etc. This does not indicate a true defect, it is part of what will make your boots unique from anyone else's. Our master boot craftsman will not use any leather that has real defects and will do the utmost to match your two boots as well as cut the skins to minimize any of these naturally occurring defects.  

A minimum of two different animals are used on many of the boots - Snakeskin, Alligator, Lizard, Caiman, Frog, Ostrich Leg - our craftsman take the utmost care to match the two skins, but they will not be identical - this is impossible to do with genuine hides.  

Some Colors and Leathers are limited - you will be notified if there is any problem with availability. These colors are available for Black Jack Cowboy Boots and most will be available for Tim's Boots as well.

Alligator Swatches

Ostrich Swatches

Stingray Swatches

Snakeskin Swatches

Shark Swatches

Hippo Swatches

Lizard Swatches

Elephant Swatches 

Goat Swatches (used for most uppers)

Distressed & Pull Up Goat Swatches

Calfskin & Cowhide Swatches

Ranch Hand Swatches 

Kangaroo Swatches

Suede / Nubuck Swatches

Bullhide Swatches

Buffalo/Bison Swatches

Frog Skin Swatches

Giraffe Swatches

Kangaroo Swatches

Deerskin Swatches