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Cowtown Cobra Boots Extended Review and Give Away - Enter Now!

Tim's Boots has partnered with Boot Wearing Balladeer and Song Writer Jerimiah Craig for our latest Give-Away of a New Pair of Cowtown Cobra Boots that are retailing elsewhere for almost $400!! (…

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Production Update Fall 2022

Production Update Fall 2022This is Tim president and founder of Tim's Boots. I wanted to let you know how things are running with production times. We currently offer a few options for custom made to…

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"Dad Jokes" - Just in time for Fathers Day!

Who doesn't love a "Dad" Joke?  Sure they are usually groan worthy but are sure to bring a smile to your face!Just in time for Fathers Day we bring you 10 of the best ones!  "I'm afraid for…

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WORST to FIRST! Ranking the 21 best cowboy boots I tried in 2021

Jeremiah Craig is a Boston based singer/songwriter, Jeremiah Craig, records and performs music telling stories. Modern folk ballads. In this video he ranks the 21 pairs of boots he tried last year. H…

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To Tuck or Not to Tuck? – That’s the question!

Do you wear your pants tucked into your boots or not? Military typically tucks or "blouses" their boots, but that's slightly different because they are wearing lace up boots.With traditional cowbo…

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