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​Do Black Jack boots really last decades?

Many people think if they buy a high quality pair of exotic cowboy boots, that they'll be able to pass them down to their kids or grandkids. Is there any truth to this? Well, yes! But also no. Let's d…

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Interview of Tim's Boots Founder

Jeremiah Craig is a Boston based singer/songwriter, Jeremiah Craig, records and performs music telling stories. Modern folk ballads. In this interview he talks with Tim Urling the founder and presiden…

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​Tim's Boots Receives 2021 Best of El Paso Award

El Paso Award Program Honors the AchievementEL PASO August 31, 2021 -- Tim's Boots has been selected for the 2021 Best of El Paso Award in the Boots category by the El Paso Award Program.Each year, th…

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​Caiman vs. Alligator Cowboy Boots: What are the Differences?

With “Western and Cowboy” boot styles growing in popularity once again, even in areas outside of what is considered the traditional market areas and now even becoming popular in urban centers as div…

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Revised List of The 100 Greatest Westerns

Do you like westerns as much as we do at Tim's Boots?  Then check out this countdown of the 100 Greatest Western Movies of all time. Numbers 100-75 This is a great article that originally appea…

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