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Why Buy from Us?

At Tim's Boots - We are Boot Experts!
We don't say this to brag, we want you to make your purchase with confidence and we are dedicated to proving this to you.  
The following are the reasons you should get your cowboy boots from us.
#1 – Great Customer Service has always been a hallmark at Tim’s Boots! We are proud that over 23,000 satisfied customers tell us each day that our service is top notch.  Our staff is knowledgeable in the western wear industry - but we are experts when it comes to boots.  We spend time nearly every day in boot shops and we understand boots and exotic leathers - from hide selection to the finishing process. You will not get short changed in the customer service department by talking to some "young-un" who is more interested in posting to Instagram and doesn’t know a boot from a barn!
We promise the best customer service in the industry!
#2 - We Answer our Phones! – Our customer service lines are toll-free and answered by our staff Monday – Friday from 8 am until 5 pm Mountain time as well as many Saturdays during peak seasons.  Would you like to ask some questions before you place your order?  Do you want to know the status of your order?  Is there a problem with your order?  Need a repair?  Need to return something? 
Just pick up the phone and call us for free 800-771-4214. In the unlikely event you can’t get through or we are busy with other customers, just leave a message we’ll call you back as soon as possible.
#3 – Fast Shipping!  Most of our in stock items are shipped the same day they are ordered but in no case more than 3 business days after ordering.  We will provide tracking information by email as soon as your item ships. We use UPS or USPS for the majority of our orders. 
For boots or belts that we make to your specifications, our shipping time frame is 6 to 10 weeks. (**Black Jack Boots is asking for 6-8 months as of fall 2022) This gives you the opportunity to choose all the details of your boots - toe, heel, down to the color and rows of the welt stitching. Don't worry about all the choices, we're here to guide you all the way to your dream boots.
The wait time for some custom boot makers is 2-3 years so, a few weeks wait for what you really want will be well worth it!
#4 – Free Shipping!  All orders over $50 are shipped with no cost to you!
#5 – Established and Dependable! – Tim’s Boots has a great reputation for dependability.
  • We've earned an A+ from the El Paso Better Business Bureau with just a couple complaints filed against us in over 15 years! (Click here to verify
  • We've also been rated 4.8 stars out of 5 by our customers and has received the 5 Star excellence award from Shopper Approved.  
  • Tim’s Boots has received over 1600 reviews from actual customers (click to see current reviews)
   We have been selling Cowboy Boots online since 2002 and we’ve worked hard to be dependable and earn our customer's business and trust. A large percentage of our sales is from repeat customers. You can feel confident in purchasing from us!
#6 – No Sales Tax!  Unless you’re one of the blessed to live in Texas you’ll not have to pay state sales tax. To our fellow Texan’s – we’re sorry but the state does want it’s share.  We say, a small price to pay for living in the greatest state on God’s green earth.
#7 – Competitive Pricing! We are competitive in our pricing and most of the time you’ll find our prices among the lowest in the industry when all factors like shipping and taxes are taken into account. From time to time you may find a lower price, but do you really want to chance it? 
  • Will you get support after they collect your credit card information?
  • Do they answer the phone?
  • Do they honor their warranties?
  • Will they be around tomorrow?
  • Is it a big impersonal corporation where you get a different person each time you call?
  • Do you talk to someone who knows what you’re talking about or is it “Peggy” from India?
  • Does that 17 year old working at the mall really know what goes into a good boot or are they just collecting a paycheck?
When all factors are considered we believe the best VALUE is not always the achieved by saving a few dollars. If you happen to find a cheaper price give us a call and we’ll do our best to match it.
#8 - Safe and Secure Website!  Our site uses state of the art 128 bit encryption with Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) technology to protect your information and keep you safe from identity thieves. Our site is built for the most secure and safest shopping experience possible. We have a strict anti-spam policy and will never sell, rent, loan, give-away or otherwise divulge your information to any 3rd party.
#9 – Family Owned Business – Small business is the backbone of the American economy. When you purchase products from Tim’s Boots you make America stronger and help support a small business. Many of us remember the days when the owner was involved and everything seemed to run better. It is the owner’s passion and dream and not just a paycheck. You still get that experience at Tim’s Boots. 
Although Tim is no longer daily working with customers you can rest assure that he is available and if need be will step in to handle any problems that might arise.  We'll even give you Tim's cell phone if you need it! 
Support Family Owned Small Business!
#10 – Wide Product Selection - We are proud to carry 100’s of products from a wide range of reputable manufacturers. We carry all available colors, leathers with all available toes and heel styles. If we don’t have it or can’t make it for you then it is not available!  We are not limited to just our physical inventory like most retailers. We have our own master boot craftsmen with many years of experience. We can have hides custom tanned and dyed to your specifications.
Have an idea for a pair of boots or a custom inlay or maybe your initials or company logo? Let us make your imagination come to life!
#11 – Industry Contacts – Being located in El Paso Texas gives us contacts with all the major brands and many small shops as well as most of the established boot makers in the World! This allows us to stay on top of industry trends as well as know which makers cut corners that affect the quality. We refuse to compromise the quality that goes into each and everyone of our products.
Don't be fooled by fancy marketing campaigns, that expense has to come from somewhere!
#12 – Over 21,000 Happy Customers!  We know that there are bigger companies, but we are proud to have helped so many people enjoy purchasing a pair of boots online.  
Read what Steven from Florida had to say about his experience – “I had a number of questions about the color and actual appearance of the boots I was ordering and my questions were answered quickly and helpfully. The woman who answered the phone was quick in returning my calls and had all the answers I was looking for. I was thrilled when I received my boots. They were exactly what she told me to expect. I will order from Tim’s Boots again. Thanks for the great gators!
#13 – American Made Products! 98% our boots and belts are made in America! El Paso is one of the very few areas where footwear of any type is made in America. Black Jack Boots, Cowtown Boots and all our Tim’s Boots private label boots are proudly made in Texas!
#14 – Factory Tours! Would you like to see how boots are made? Next time you are in El Paso give us a heads up and we’ll arrange a tour. You’ll see first hand the 100 plus steps that go into the making of a truly fine piece of art!
Select your leathers, get a custom sizing measurement, heck we’ll even buy you lunch! Now that’s a good deal!
#15 – Custom Sizing! Have a large foot or maybe a very narrow foot? Have 2 different size feet? Large calves? Not to worry, for a small fee we’ll help you with custom sizing. And our people know what we are doing. We have been able to fit 99.8% of our customers. We can get you a pair that fits right!
Bonus Reason:  We're just nice guys!