Black Jack Ostrich Belt

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Black Jack Ostrich Belt

Black Jack Pin Ostrich Belt (Full Quill Ostrich)

This is one of the finest ostrich belts available on the market today! The Expert belt makers at Black Jack have years of experience in crafting these belts.

Matching belts are available for any of the Black Jack boot styles. Belts come in two widths of "straight" belts, in Ranger Style or Tapered Style dress belts.

Made in America!

NOTE: Goat, Stingray, Shark, Pirarucu & Hippo Belts - Must have billets.

Belt Pictured:

  • Skin: Full Quill Ostrich - Almond
  • Width: 1.5" Straight
  • Buckle: Covered (only available for 1.5" straight belts
  • Available Styles: 1-1/2" Straight, 1-1/4" Straight, 1-1/4" Tapered to 1", Ranger style (+$25)  
  • Size 46 and up subject to 20% upcharge

These belts are made with all leather to insure maximum durability as well! So don't wait, order now! If you would like to order cowboy boots or have any questions, just call us toll free at 1-800-771-4214.

We would be very happy to help you in any way we can with choosing your belt.