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How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

Posted by Guest Post on Apr 2nd 2021

How Should Cowboy Boots Fit?

How should cowboy boots fit? The fit of cowboy boots should be slightly different than a regular shoe. Here is a guide on how cowboy boots should fit.

Have you always dreamed of buying a cool pair of cowboy boots but couldn't figure out your size?

Choosing the right pair of cowboy boots is very different than picking out other types of shoes.

Most people get frustrated when buying cowboy boots because they slip on your foot when you first get them. They need to be broken in. Over time, the boots will form to your foot and be snug.

We've compiled this guide to help you understand how cowboy boots fit. Keep reading below to learn about sizing and the different things you need to check before buying a pair.

Do My Cowboy Boots Fit Right?

You don't want to buy a pair that are overly tight in the beginning. Cowboy boots are extremely flexible. Once you start wearing them consistently they'll mold to your foot and fit like a glove. The shape of the boots will be unique to your foot so it could be hard loaning them to a friend.

Wondering how to fit cowboy boots? There are several factors that should influence your selection:

  • Are the cowboy boots handmade?
  • How wide are the boots?
  • How big is the ball of the foot?
  • Is there enough room for your heel?
  • Can you wiggle your toes?

Handmade cowboy boots can complicate the process. Boots labeled as being the same size often have subtle differences, meaning you have to pay close attention when trying them on. They aren't all made to specifications by a machine in a factory.

Selecting Your Cowboy Boots Width

If you're in the market for a comfortable pair of cowboy boots, the first thing you need to do is record your size. Don't estimate what size you think would fit.

Get a piece of paper and literally trace the shape of your foot so you can take exact measurements. The Brannock Device, that sizing tool you see in most shoe stores, can also be helpful. Subtract 0.2" from your drawing to account for the pencil's thickness.

From this point, you want to measure the length and width of your foot. Lengths range from 8 2/3" to 12 1/3" on a sizing chart. If your feet are very small or very large, you may need to order a custom pair.

Finding the right width is very important. That's why cowboy boots come in multiple widths. Men's cowboy boots and women's cowboy boots both come in narrow, average/medium and wide. Overall, there are nine different width options.

Don't forget it's easier to go up a size or width if you're right on the line between two sizes. There's nothing you can do about a pair of cowboy boots that are too tight.

How To Size the Ball of Your Foot

Another important consideration is making sure the ball of your foot is secure in the boot. This is the part of your foot responsible for maintaining your balance and walking naturally.

You need to ensure the ball of your foot is fitted to the boot's widest point. If not, the boot could slide around too much on your foot. Or your feet could move too far forward and your toes will be uncomfortable.

Correctly aligning the ball of your foot in the boot will also help you figure out if the boot's instep is right for you. Insteps shouldn't be too tight. They hold onto your foot while you move and could be painful if they don't fit.

Allowing Extra Space for the Heel

If there's one piece of advice you get from this cowboy boot fit guide, it's remembering that the heel of a new pair of boots should slip.

In fact, a new pair of cowboy boots will slip about 1/2" on your foot. This is confusing for new buyers, but it's necessary.

Heels are stiff when you first buy a pair of boots. The leather softens over time and conforms to the shape of your foot. It'll start feeling snug once you break them in. These are very flexible boots.

Giving Your Toes Plenty of Room

The last way to figure out if a pair of boots fit is to check how much room there is in the toe box.

When buying new shoes, most people will press down on the front of the shoe to see where the toes are positioned. This won't work when picking out cowboy boots. Instead, wiggle your toes to make sure you have enough room.

Customers can also choose between different toe styles:

  • Rounded toes: a style favored by business types
  • Pointed toes: the go-to style for rockstars
  • Square toes: worn by rodeo cowboys

Depending on your personality and toe style, you can also select different types of leather: cowhide, goat, bull, ostrich, alligator, rattlesnakes, and more!

What Should You Wear With Cowboy Boots?

Once you buy cowboy boots, you need to make sure that you're pairing them with the right outfits. Here are some suggestions for what to wear with your new boots.

For women with cowboy boots:

  • Denim shorts
  • Long, flowy skirt
  • Short summer dress
  • Pair the toe style with your fashion style

And for men wearing cowboy boots:

  • Collared shirts are a must
  • Jeans that are dark, tighter, and boot-cut style
  • Wear cowboy boots with a jacket (denim or leather)
  • Consider decorative belt buckles

Keep in mind that the style of wearing cowboy boots is comfortable and relaxed. In some cases, it's even functional. You don't want to look like you're wearing a costume.

Order Your First Pair of Cowboy Boots

After reading this article you should understand how cowboy boots fit. Now you can order your first pair with confidence.

Our advice is to take your time and carefully measure your foot to ensure you're ordering the right size. Take into account the width of your foot and the position of the balls of your foot, heels, and toes.

Start browsing our online catalog of cowboy boots to find the right pair for showcasing your personality and style! Or, if you have questions, we're happy to help you through the buying process.