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Custom Alligator Cowboy Boots (body cut)

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Custom American Alligator Boots (Body Cut) - Black Jack

These Custom Ordered Alligator Boots are made by Black Jack. They are a classic boot. Black Jack Alligator Cowboy Boots (body cut) are 100% handcrafted from American Alligator! And with our wide variety of colors and styles you're sure to find what you're looking for!

Custom Ordered boots means you pick every detail of your boots - Size, Width, Color both Vamp and Upper, Upper Style, Toe, Heel, Welt stitching, Sole finish, Sole, Sole Saver. Production time is currently 20-24 weeks, please call or email to get the most up to date information on production time.

Alligator Colors available: Black, Black cherry, Burgundy, Chocolate, Sports Rust, Cigar, Mink (limited), Bone(limited), Oyster(limited), Swamp Green(limited), Saddle tan, Navy Blue(limited), Buttercup(limited) Old West(limited), Burnished Tan, Burnished Barnwood, Burnished Cigar, Burnished Buttercup(limited), Burnished Mink(limited), Burnished Oyster (limited).  

NOTE: With natural hides and skins, color and shades can vary from the picture.

Black Jack Body Cut Alligator Cowboy Boots are of such outstanding quality, durability and no doubt make a powerful statement. You will not find this caliber of boot at a better price!

Handmade in the USA! 

Boots Pictured

  • Vamp: American Alligator (Italian Red)
  • Tops: Black
  • Style# : BJ111 Shield Inlay with cording
  • HT: 12” Scallop: 3
  • Toe: 2  Heel: 4

Available in Men's or Women's sizes.  

 Production Time: Please call for production time as we experience varying production, staffing, and supply chain issues. 

Matching Belts are available to round out your wardrobe, see our Belts Page.

You can order these boots with any of the Black Jack Options shown here: Fit & Style Options

Only the best exotic and smooth leathers are used for Black Jack Boots vamps and heel foxing. Black Jack Boots uses Shenandoah calf and cream cow linings, and only leather side-seams and piping. The soles are made with a durable 10-iron outsole, 4-iron welt, and 9-iron insole. Black Jack Boots use a 5 inch/16 gage double ribbed steel shank covered with the best side-bend leather available and they secure it with sixty lemon wood pegs for a lifetime of support. The heel counters are also made of the best side-bend leather and Black Jack Boots only use solid leather stacked heels.

Boot Care Kit Includes: 1 Bickmore Cream polish 2oz, 2 oz. bottles of Bick 1 and Bick 4, a cleaning cloth and a leather care brochure, packaged in a reusable vinyl carrying case. 1 Set of Cedar Boot Trees.  Price reflects $10 savings over buying products separately.