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Cowboy Boots, COVID-19 and what you need to know from Tim's Boots

Cowboy Boots, COVID-19 and what you need to know from Tim's Boots

Posted by Tim Urling on Mar 28th 2020


** UPDATE May 8, 2020 **  Our boot makers are finally being allowed to return to work on May 18th, so things should be nearly normal later this month.  We thank you so much for your patience during what has been a difficult time for everyone.


We, just like you are monitoring the current situation and adapting out daily lives to the constantly changing circumstances.  We hope everyone is safe and well.

The COVID-19 crisis currently unfolding is affecting everyone in some way, and we want to assure you that we at Tim's Boots are doing everything in our power to minimize the impact to our valued customers.

Since we are based in El Paso Texas, we are following the guidelines and regulations that have been set by our local, state and federal authorities. 99% of our products are produced right here in the US, with the vast majority right here in El Paso.  Our boot makers and other manufactures are considered "non-essential" during this crisis and therefore have had to temporarily stop manufacturing. 

If you have any boots or belts in the process, rest assured you'll get your products as soon as we can resume production.  In some cases your delivery might be delayed, depending on when the local authorities allow us to resume, but we are committed to your complete satisfaction.

If you have any concerns or want an update, please call 1-800-771-4214 or email us at 

We hope that this situation passes soon and that all our lives will be back to normal quickly.  We understand that cowboy boots are not your priority at this time, but if you are bored why not look around our site and dream a little about your next pair.  Get caught up on overdue projects, and remember that you are blessed since so many in this world have to do without the basic necessities of life.

May God Bless and Keep you and yours!


Tim Urling, President