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How to Care For Your Exotic Cowboy Boots

How to Care For Your Exotic Cowboy Boots

Posted by Guest Post on Apr 6th 2021

How to Care For Your Exotic Cowboy Boots

It is important to know how to maintain the quality of your cowboy boots. This is how to properly care for your exotic cowboy boots.

Exotic skin cowboy boots are so special.

Everyone knows that exotic boots are a step above other boots that are made with traditional leather from cows, and so they should be treated as such.

After all, the reason you bought them in the first place is that they're different - and because they're amazing.

You want your exotic cowboy boots to last you for many years to come. In order to keep them in tip-top shape, you need to take good care of them.

You may have owned cowboy boots in the past; as a result, you may think that you know how to care for your exotic boots. However, it's important to know that the way you took care of standard leather cowboy boots differs quite a bit from exotic cowboy boot maintenance.

In fact, each type of exotic skin requires different care.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about caring for your exotic cowboy boots. With proper cleaning and maintenance, you'll be able to enjoy and wear your exotic skin boots for years to come.

General Care Tips

Cowboys in the olden days tromped around in all sorts of mud and dust all day, but they still made an effort to keep their boots clean when they had a little extra time. Your boots may not be a part of such an adventurous lifestyle, but if you love your boots, you'll take care of them, too.

Boot maintenance is necessary. Since you spent time selecting boots and money on the purchase, it'd be silly to forget about this important piece of the puzzle.

Not only does boot cleaning make your boots look great, but it helps with their longevity. Boots that are not cleaned and cared for will dry out and crack. They'll break down sooner than boots that are well-maintained, so you'll have to buy a new pair sooner rather than later. There's nothing worse than final breaking in a pair of boots perfectly and having to buy a brand new pair a month or two later.

Therefore, no matter what your boots are made out of, you must take the time and make the effort to maintain them. You need to keep them clean, conditioned, and polished, and you need to store them correctly as well.

General Care for Exotic Cowboy Boots

There are certain things to keep in mind when caring for cowboy boots of any kind. These tips apply to exotic cowboy boots as well.

Keep Them Dry

First, you should try to keep them as dry as possible. However, since boots are footwear, they're going to get wet now and then. This is fine, but don't put them away wet. Instead, put them somewhere with good air circulation so they can dry. If they're soaked, take out the insoles to help them dry faster.

You may also consider stuffing them with crumpled-up newspaper. This is great hack for helping footwear of any kind to dry. How quickly your boots will dry when you put newspaper inside will amaze you.

Avoid Direct Heat

Exposing your boots to direct heat will cause them to age very quickly. Although many of the animals used to make exotic cowboy boots live in very warm climates, that doesn't mean that the skin will be able to stand extreme heat in boot form.

When drying or storing your boots, keep them away from heaters and from direct sunlight. Keep them in a shaded area with good air circulation for the best results.

Shake Off the Dirt

Whenever and wherever you have worn your boots, when it comes time to take them off and get comfortable, take a few minutes to brush off any dirt that you can see. This takes mere seconds but it can extend the life of your boots. When dirt stays on your boots for a long time, it will begin to work its way into small cracks in the skin which will lead to bigger problems.

Also, do a quick visual inspection to make sure they are in good condition overall. That way, you'll discover any issues as they arise instead of waiting until they've advanced.

Specific Care Instructions for Different Types of Exotic Skins

Adhering to the above tips will be a big help to you and your boots. However, the true care and maintenance of your boots depends on the animal from which the skin was harvested. As you will see, the way you should care for snakeskin, ostrich, and elephant boots all differ slightly from one another.

Ostrich Boots

Ostrich looks great but it's a sensitive material. This type of exotic skin is very sensitive to oils so you'll need to avoid all conditioners that contain oil; look for one specific to ostrich skin for great results. Remember, you also have oils on your skin so it's wise to avoid even touching your ostrich skin boots much if possible.

When wiping off the dirt, use a very soft brush. You can polish ostrich boots with a soft cotton cloth. To keep them protected, apply a non-silicone protectant as well.

Snakeskin or Lizard Boots

The skin of snakes and lizards is quite similar, so the care is almost the same. When wiping these boots down, always move in the direction of the scales; otherwise, the scales may loosen and fall off, and this will look very obvious. If dirt gets under the scales, carefully use a small, soft brush to wipe the dried dirt away. You can use a little water if you need to, but try to use a damp cloth instead of a wet one.

When it comes time to condition your boots, choose a conditioner that is made for snake or lizard skin. Other conditioners are too thick and will leave a residue behind.

For snakeskin, use a neutral-colored cream to shine your boots. You'll want to skip this step on lizard boots, though; most shining agents will take away the iridescent quality of the lizard skin, which is likely a big part of why you bought them in the first place.

Crocodile or Alligator Boots

In the realm of exotic cowboy boots, the most durable are those made from crocodile or alligator. These are made from the skin of farm-raised reptiles who spent most of their lives relaxing in the sun. As a result, their skins are thick and strong; these can be maintained in ways that are similar to regular cow leather boots.

Use a soft brush to remove dirt and debris; if you need to use a damp cloth, that's fine too. Saddle soap can be used for a deep clean, but be sure to remove the soap quickly to prevent cracking. Pick up a reptile skin conditioner for the conditioning step and if you think they may get wet from time to time, feel free to use a non-silicone protectant as well.

Stingray, Shark or Fish Boots

Cowboy boots made of stingray, shark, or fish skin are unique and different and that's why so many people are drawn to them. Although these animals live in the sea, you should still try to keep these boots dry when you can. The one exception is with shark skin because it is very durable; use a damp cloth on sharkskin boots as needed, and you can even use a mild soap as well.

In all cases, use a soft brush to remove any dirt build-up, and then apply a conditioner made for this type of skin. Take it easy, but also make sure you cover all areas with the conditioner for beautiful results.

Enjoy Your Boots

As you can see, you must maintain all kinds of boots, but the ways you maintain them differ from boot to boot. You may have a number of different types of boots in your closet, and they all may require different types of care. Knowing is half the battle; now that you know how to care for your exotic cowboy boots, you can keep them looking great for years to come.

No matter the type of boot you own and wear, be sure to store them correctly. Boot racks and boot forms are worth their money in gold.

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