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Independence Day Boot Give-Away

Independence Day Boot Give-Away

Posted by Tim Urling on Jun 22nd 2021

Tim's Boots has partnered with Boot Wearing Balladeer and Song Writer Jerimiah Craig for an Independence Day Give-Away of a New Pair of Black Jack Boots valued at $787!!

Jerimiah did an extended review of a pair of American made Black Jack Diamond Back Rattlesnake Boots and knocked it out of the park on his 12 minute review.

Learn how to enter the drawing - just watch his review and he will tell you exactly how to enter towards the end of the review or go to the entry form here - ENTER NOW

The winner will receive a coupon code for $787 (The retail price for the Black Jack Rattlesnakes featured in the review) That dollar amount can be used to purchase anything in our store! Get a more expensive pair of your dream boots and get $787 discount! Get 2 less expensive pair (maybe his and hers matching pair) Maybe add a belt to your order! What a great promotion for everyone involved.

Watch the Review on YouTube & Leave a comment !

Best of Luck!