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Natural Alligator Cowboy Boots - Finally Available!

Natural Alligator Cowboy Boots - Finally Available!

Posted by Tim Urling on May 8th 2020

I know many of you have been waiting several years for this opportunity!  Natural Alligator Cowboy Boots are available again but, in a very limited supply!

There are currently 50 hides on their way to our boot makers after several years of unavailability, so now's your chance to get these truly one of a kind boots.  

Once the hides are gone, who knows when you'll have this chance again.  First come - First Served so, call and place your order today.

Black Jack has the rights to this exclusive tanning process and so genuine natural hides are not available from other boot makers.  You will sport a 100% unique to you pair of boots as no two hides are the same.

As with all the Black Jack boots by Tim's Boots you get to choose the exact boots you want!  Choose your Toe and Heel style, upper style and much more.

Don't miss out on your chance to own a unique pair of natural alligator cowboy boots.  


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