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To Tuck or Not to Tuck? – That’s the question!

To Tuck or Not to Tuck? – That’s the question!

Posted by James Dyck on Jan 6th 2022

Do you wear your pants tucked into your boots or not? Military typically tucks or "blouses" their boots, but that's slightly different because they are wearing lace up boots.

With traditional cowboy boots you have more options and different reasons. With cowboy boots you don't have lacing to keep debris out of your boots, so you might want to use the untucked pant leg to keep debris from falling inside your boots.

However, if you're in an area with snakes, you certainly wouldn't want a snake up your pant leg! So, maybe tuck them in! Wading through water, and don't want to have wet clothes? If your leather is well conditioned, you can use it as a water-resistant boot and tuck in and wade! Need more water resistance? Try adding mink oil to the boots as a conditioner. Of course, we're not talking about wearing your exotic boots while wading a river.

Here in Texas, Cowboy boots prevail as the longtime favorite, and even though Texans thin we're trend-setters, we wear Cowboy Boots to work, to play in, and yes, sometimes to keep the snakes from biting our legs!

The argument as to whether you tuck or untuck has been debated over many decades by proponents of both sides. Are you fashion conscience or if could you care less what others think, like many of us? Basically, it depends on whether you’re a style setter or style follower … or maybe “style” isn’t even a factor in you decision. It’s your decision how to wear your boots. I'll argue if you’re wearing Cowboy boots – especially from Tim’s Boots, you can't go wrong no matter what you decide!

Fashion “rules” do exist, but when do Boot wearers care about the rules?! When it comes the question of tucking or not tucking into your boots, it doesn’t necessarily depend on style as much as the task at hand. If working, it can be a safety thing, or perhaps you just need to keep your pants from getting soiled.

Tucked pants in your boots don’t look bad because it’s your choice what works and what won’t according on the situation. I don’t recommend tucked for the court room, (My cousin Vinny reference) but whatever floats your boat. If you’ve got the confidence, it allows for the stitching, inlays, or hand tooled craftsmanship on the boot to be on full display – depending on your activity, this might be a bold move for you.

So, the debate will rage on - To Tuck or Not to Tuck? – That’s the question!