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What Is the Most Exotic Boot Skin?

What Is the Most Exotic Boot Skin?

Posted by Guest Post on Jul 2nd 2021

Exotic hides comprise less than 1% of globally traded leather, making it very valuable and desired in today's market.

Because of the rareness of these leathers, many people want their Boots made from these leathers. Mainly, people want exotic boots to show off their uniqueness and to and express their own individual style.

Owning a pair of exotic boots can elevate your whole outfit and provide uniqueness at the same time.

Not sure which pair of boots will work best for you? Well, here's a list of exotic boot skins to get you started!


Elephant leather may be one of the most valuable skins used for boots. This is because there are strict regulations for hunting and the skin must the global trade is highly regulated by the international trade of endangered species.  Tim's Boots uses extreme care to abide by all the legal guidelines.

This type of exotic boots are comfortable because the skin is breathable and soft. They are especially tough and scuff-free, making them great for durability and fashionable at the same time. These handcrafted boots need upkeep to make them last a lifetime, but it isn't difficult.

The average pair of elephant boots range from $600 to over $1000.


Kangaroo leather is sought out for its strength and versatility. These boots are perfect for a working person who also needs a dress-up boot.

Kangaroo hide is known for its strength, flexibility, and toughness. They are also soft and mold to your foot with little time. Upkeep is normal on these boots and they are better for dry areas since the leather will absorb water with ease.

The average pair of kangaroo boots cost around $5-600.


Ostrich boots are one of the most popular exotic cowboy boots available. Additionally, since there is such low supply of ostrich, they are also considered a luxury. The leather from an ostrich can come in different forms depending on the area on the body it came from.

Full quill ostrich is a bumpy leather from the body of the bird. The bumps come from the plucked feathers. And because of the blemishes left, this style is most recognizable and preferred.  The smooth ostrich comes from the belly part of the bird.

Another leather option available is the ostrich leg. Instead of bumps, this leather appears like scales. This boot is great for breathability and its soft leather.

The average price range for ostrich boots is around $325 to over $800, depending on style and the part of skin used.

Caiman Alligator

Caiman alligator boots are usually favored due to their unique and high gloss look as well as the price when compared to American Alligator or Nile Crocodile. The leather is thinner than most and the colors are usually rich and deep.  The horn back cut are not as durable as the belly due to the small bones in the hide.

These hides can come from the belly or the ridges on the gator's back. The belly has a smooth and clean tiled look that has few imperfections. The horn back hides will attracts attention with its spine-like appearance.

These boots need regular care to ensure cracking does not appear between the horns especially on the horn back.

The caiman boot average price is $500 and up.


Sharkskin leather is harvested from fishing villages and is a by-product of international cuisine. They are popular because they usually last for many years due to their durability.

Depending on the type of shark used, their texture is coarse and rough and may vary between boots. They are also water and scratch-resistant, requiring low maintenance.

The average price of sharkskin boots is around $650.


Snakeskin boots are the most common exotics  in the world. They are usually derived from the python, rattlesnake, or cobra. Although some of the water snakes as well as anacondas are becoming more available.

Because of these different species, people love the unique patterns they bring. But, they do need a fair amount of care to maintain the scales, ensuring they don't dry out or crack.

The price of snakeskin boots ranges from $300 to $600 or even more depending on the quality of the hides and depending on the type of snake.

Pirarucu Fish

The Pirarucu fish has large distinctive scales that allow flexibility and durability.

These boots are sought after for their comfortability and their exclusive look. And since you can dye the scales, they are available in a variety of colors. They aren't as durable as some boots and they do need proper treatments so they don't dry out.

The average price of Pirarucu fish boots is around $800.


Hippopotamus leather is very rare and exclusive. It looks like elephant skin but is much softer.

The texture of these boots is suede-like. Natural hippo boots are unique for the natural scars that are still present after tanning. This leather is great for wear and tear and maintenance is very low with just a quality suede brush that will do the trick

Hippo boots average in price around $800.


Stingray boots, known for their granular or pearl shaped pattern, are smooth to the touch. These boots come in a variety of colors like black cherry, navy blue, black, or peanut.

They are waterproof, scratch-resistant, and extremely tough. They usually only need a slight dusting with a rag since they require almost no maintenance.

The average price for a pair of stingray boots is around $700+.


Bison boots are preferred for their tough but flexible exterior. They come in low or high grains and can be shined to look dressier.

The low grain boots aren't as tough but offer a patina over time that can be un-replicable. The high grain is almost impossible to destroy and is better for work needs. It is also important to keep in mind that bison boots will become more unique over time.

Bison boots average around $420, depending on the grain.

Buy Exotic Boots Today

The boot buying process very simple at Tim's Boots the difficulty can be that there are so many types of leather to choose from. So, hopefully, this article helps you narrow down your wants and needs.

Here at Tim's Boots, we specialize in men's and women's exotic boots. And the variety we offer is unmatched!   You can get them made with any combination of Toe / Heel shape. 

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