Alligator Boots

Tim's boots is is proud to offer some of the finest Men's Alligator Boots & Women's Alligator Boots available on the market today. Alligator Boots can be made with the Hornback cut, Tail cut, or the highly prized belly cut. Alligator boots are commonly made from 3 non-endangered species of alligators.

  1. The American alligator (alligator mississippiensis) is native to the Southeast USA. The finest Alligator boots are made from this type of leather.  These skins come from alligators that are farm-raised and captured in the wild. The American alligator is the least bony of the 23 species of crocodile and therefore it is the softest most supple leather to make cowboy boots from. American alligator skins are softer and have smoother scales than other types of crocodile skin, making it among the most luxurious skins available on the market. Alligators that are split along the back that give us a smooth finished belly and can demand up to 3x the price as compared to the Hornback or Tail.
  2. The Nile Crocodile is native to Africa and is the second best hide to make alligator boots from. Nile crocodile skins come are bred in captivity and farm-raised. The Nile crocodile skin is another one of the less bony species of the crocodilian family and is therefore a good product to make cowboy boots from as well.
  3. The Caiman Crocodile is native to South America. Caiman skins come from caimans that are bred in captivity and farm-raised. The caiman crocodile is the boniest of the 3 types of hides available, and as a result, the skin is more structured and has more "blemishes" in the scales. Caiman are the least expensive and smallest of the hides and make a good choice for budget conscious buyers but they are the least desirable of the 3.